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Stephan Großklaß' Homepage
Windows 3.1x Tuning, Win32s compatibility list, a couple of interesting links.

Dmoz Open Directory
- Computers > Software > Operating Systems > Windows > Windows 3.x

Axcel216's Max Speed
FREE Windows/WfWG 3.1x Power Toys (many newer programs and drivers).
Downloads for Windows 3.1x (and DOS)

Explora.Pc's Software
- for DOS, Win 3.x and Win 9.x (in German)
Freeware for Windows 9x/NT and 3.1x, in German

Forum for UNIX, Perl and C/C++
Utilities and sample programs for Win16.

Calmira Online!
The official site of the new Windows9x style GUI for Windows 3.1x.

Calmira Painter
Themes for Calmira / Calmira Community.

DOS benchmarking tools and utilities
Also usuable for Windows 3.1x.

Benchmarking Windows 3.1 on different hardware environments.

LowBudget-CAD für Architekten
Free CAD software for Windows 3.1x (comments in German).

Newshell 2.0 for NT 3.51
Will give your NT 3.51 the appearance of NT 4.0.
Please note: If you're using a non-english version of NT 3.51, you'll have to install the following patch to run Newshell: SHUPDATE.

WinAMP for NT 3.51
Pre-installed. Just unpack the archive and run winamp.exe.

Pentium II Patch for NT 3.1 and 3.5
(not 3.51; enables you to install NT 3.1 or 3.5 on machines with a Pentium II or higher, i.e. P-III, P-IV, Athlon, etc.)

The newsgroup for all your questions about Windows 3.1x.

IRC Channel
If you don't have an IRC software for Windows 3.1x, you can download it here: mIRC 5.91 16bit.